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High-Image Freestanding Industrial Building Sales for 2.1 Million

7059 Valjean, Van Nuys, California.

Van Nuys, CA – May 22, 2023 – Spectrum Commercial Real Estate, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent sale of a high-image freestanding industrial building at 7059 Valjean Avenue, Van Nuys, California. Executive Managing Director Yair Haimoff and Vice President Barry Jakov successfully completed the transaction.

The subject property is an approximately 4,400 square-foot high-image freestanding industrial building on an approximately 7,500 square-foot gated parcel. Built in 2000, the property features modern construction, a well-designed layout with high ceilings, ample power, and an electronic gate.

The property is adjacent to Van Nuys Airport and is near Van Nuys Flyaway, FedEx, and UPS Distribution Center and offers businesses access to key amenities and transportation hubs. In addition, its prime location provides easy accessibility and quick access to freeway on-ramps.

Despite the current market conditions and interest rate increases, the industrial market remains steady. This sale highlights Spectrum Commercial Real Estate, Inc.’s ability to identify valuable opportunities and deliver successful outcomes.

This was a $2,165,000.00 transaction, with Spectrum CRE representing the Buyer and Seller.

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Bold Commercial Real Estate Investment

Bold Commercial Real Estate Investment

Bold Commercial Real Estate Investment

With tax laws tailored to favor the bold, investments in commercial real estate is how the ultra-wealthy make money.

We now know that about 80% of millionaires contribute their financial success to real estate and that savvy investors place their claims in the commercial sector.

Yet, the market’s accessibility does not end at the wealthy elite.  With a dynamic range of financing options commercial real estate is obtainable to anyone with the drive for success.

Commercial real estate, an attractive option for all involved.

CRE buildings attract long-term tenants, which translates into a secure and consistent cash flow. Businesses benefit from steady long-term leases, since it establishes them in the community, and offers stability for their employees.
Long-term leases have the added benefit of being more favorable to banks, should you decided to sell or refinance your CRE property.

Scale economy, more units; less money (overall).

By owning a multi-unit building, you can negotiate more favorable contracts with outside vendors and maintenance teams.

This benefit is directly proportionate to the number of units available in a building, which drives down prices and causes companies to directly compete for your business; you can even decrease expenses by re-negotiating operating cost.

The flexible nature of CRE investments allows for clever amortization of big expenses, which means lowered long-term cost and better quarterly returns.

Did you know?

The IRS has given CRE owners many tools to help drive down taxes on their properties. One such tool is depreciation.
CRE buildings will start to depreciate at 27.5 years, and you can remove a portion of the building’s depreciation value from your yearly profits, lowering the amount of taxable income.
This is effect can be furthered by a cost segregation study, which allows you to accelerate depreciation value on tangible assets such as appliances, carpets, and light fixtures, to name a few.
In short, commercial real-estate is the sure-fire way to increase your ROI. Let us examine how we can put cash back in your wallet.